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शुक्रवार, 25 नवंबर 2011

The formula for love

Six kisses per day and twelve minutes of sex - this is all you need for the family happiness. American scientists managed to create the formula for happy love. Special calculation shows what couples will live long and happy life, and what couples will break up. Simple formula allowed to determine that approximately six kisses and twelve minutes of love per day are able to prolong even the most unstable relationships. How much sex you need? Are we able to realize the formula for love?
Sex for women means much more than just physical satisfaction, it is intimacy, the feeling of being protected. Any upset - quarrel with a husband, troubles at work - affects sexual desire. Women need more tenderness, kisses, foreplay. They simply want to make love, not sex.
What about men? They need sex! Dear ladies, you should know that men don't feel less love when they want fast sex. The charm of sexual attack, storming passion is lost during long sensual and romantic process of love making. Just think how much emotions you could experience with your partner if you would be more opened. Especially as because women also need fast sexual relaxation. Leave behind housekeeping; forget about relatives and children at least for an hour. Make something amazing for you both! Catch the moment! Try fast emotional sex to understand that intensity of emotions is important as well as romantic and spiritual affinity. Break the boundaries of your sexual relations. Don't afraid to experiment, use sex toys which will help you both to feel something unexplored. You life will become more colorful!
Sex is a basis of family life. Harmony in sex life is 70% of harmony in life. The formula of love, those twelve minutes of sex and six minutes of kisses per day is not a panacea. If there is no understanding between the partners, even its observance won't bring you to happiness.
Love each other and learn something new about each other every day!

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