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सोमवार, 24 दिसंबर 2012

True Christmas Meaning

True Christmas Meaning
T housands of years ago,
R evealed by prophets of the past,
nder the dark and starry night,
mmanuel was born at last.

C overed in His swaddling clothes,
H onor was given to the newborn King,
R epresenting peace and goodwill to all men,
I t’s because of Him that the angels did sing.
S ent by King Herod to find Him,
T hree wise men were led by a star,
M yrrh, gold and frankincense were given,
A s gifts from the men from afar.
S tanding in awe at the manger,

M agi worshipped and gave praise joyfully,
E ventually this child would grow older,
A nd give His life for you and for me.
N ow as we set apart a special day of the year,
I n remembrance for all who believe,
N ever forget why our Father did send Him,
G od’s gift is the greatest we’ll ever receive.

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In todays’ day and time,
it’s easy to lose sight,
of the true meaning of Christmas
and one special night.

When we go shopping,
We say “How much will it cost?”
Then the true meaning of Christmas,
Somehow becomes lost.

Amidst the tinsel, glitter
And ribbons of gold,
We forget about the child,
born on a night so cold.

The children look for Santa
In his big, red sleigh
Never thinking of the child
Whose bed was made of hay.

In reality,
When we look into the night sky,
We don’t see a sleigh
But a star, burning bright and high.

A faithful reminder,
Of that night so long ago,
And of the child we call Jesus,
Whose love, the world would know.

- – - written by Brian K. Walters

Rajesh Mishra 
(Jagkalyan News Editor)

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